Billing Policy.

For all Medicare eligible procedures, Superscan bulk bills.

That is, there are no out of pocket expenses for Medicare patients. All referrals are accepted.

For non Medicare eligible patients, please call us for our fee structure.

Superscan accepts all referrals.

That is, all referrals to different practices are accepted, even if they are on another letterhead or request form.

Superscan Equipment.

Superscan has a policy of “only the best will do.” Each machine purchased is the best available at the time of purchase.

All equipment is regularly upgraded. For example in Fairfield Heights, which was established in 2004, all equipment that was present on opening day has now been replaced.

Easy Parking.

At the Fairfield Heights practice plenty of free parking is available in the
adjacent streets and nearby carparks. If travelling by public transportation,
the 817 Westbus departs from Fairfield train station every 30 minutes
(download timetable), and stops in front of Superscan.

At the Parramatta practice, free undercover parking is available. Free car
parking is also available in nearby carparks. If travelling by public
transportation, a free ‘loop bus’ departs from Parramatta station every ten
minutes (download timetable) to drop patients off at Parramatta Leagues
Club, across the road from Superscan.

Friendly Staff.

At Superscan, patients will encounter friendly staff who will all do their
best to make sure the patient has the best experience possible. Patients are
treated as if they are a member of the family, unlike other practices which
can have a production line mentality.

Wide bore MRI – excellent for claustrophobic patients

The Superscan Philosophy

  • Bulk Billing
  • All Referrals Accepted
  • Top of the Line Equipment
  • Easy Free Parking
  • Friendly Staff