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EDI (Electronic Reports)

What is EDI?

EDI is the gold standard for sending and receiving medical correspondence. You can think of it as being like a modernised fax system.

The most common companies providing EDI services are HealthLink, Medical Objects and Argus.

Superscan have partnered with Medical Objects for EDI services.

What's the advantage to you?

Electronic reports can be delivered directly into your practice's Patient Management Software (Best Practice, Medical Director, Genie, Shexie, etc). This is not only makes it quick and easy for referrers to access, but it also saves on administrative tasks, compared to receiving a fax and scanning it in, then filing into the patient's record.

Electronic Reports also contain a link for one-click access to images; no need for remembering usernames and passwords for various online portals.

The included end-to-end encryption makes EDI the most secure method of transmitting confidential patient data.

What does it cost?

There is no out of pocket cost to referrers.

How do I sign up?

Download the PDF, fill out the details and email it to

Online Portal

We offer an online portal for Doctors to access images anywhere via Desktop web browser or iOS/Android apps.

Doctor access is available at


Whilst we strongly recommend referring Doctors sign up for Electronic Reports, we also offer fax, if that is your preferred method.

Hard Copies

Radiologists stopped reporting hard copy images over a decade ago as interpreting and sharing digital images holds significant advantages. Superscan offer Digital results (images and reports) to both Doctors and Patients. These digital results can be conveniently shared by either the Doctor or Patient to any other healthcare professional, as required.

If you still prefer to receive hard copy results, we are happy to assist and can save your preferences in our system.