OPG & Cephalometry

Orthopantomagram and Cephalometry

Have your scan on top-of-the-line equipment used in the world's best imaging departments. Don't settle for anything less.

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Orthopantomagram and cephalometry

Dental Imaging


We operate a variety of dental imaging services, including OPG, Front and Lateral Cephalometry, X-ray/CT/MRI imaging of the Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) and CT Dentascan (CBCT alternative).

All of our imaging is available in DICOM format and provided to both patients and practitioners so that it can be loaded into third party software for surgical planning. An common scenario is for dental implant planning.

Superscan OPG


Our Dental Imaging equipment is the latest generation, ensuring your images are of the highest possible quality. Our equipment allows visualisation of structures that inferior and older generation equipment is not capable of.

Superscan OPG Lat Ceph

Scans offered

We offer a wide range of dental imaging.

Digital OPG includes:

- Orthopantomography (OPG)
- Front / Lateral Cepholometry
- Temporomandibular Joints (TMJ) X-ray - Open and closed views

In addition to conventional Radiography, we offer CT and MRI imaging of the Oral-maxillofacial regions.

- CT Dentascan (CBCT alternative - DICOM files available)
- CT Sinuses / Facial Bones
- CT TMJ (Open and closed views)
- MRI Sinuses / Facial Bones
- MRI TMJ (Open and closed views)
- Nuclear Medicine Bone Scan

If you require any other Dental imaging, please Contact us.

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