Siemens Force CT

Have your scan on a top-of-the-line CT used in the world's best imaging departments. Don't settle for anything less.

Superscan Siemens Force CT scanner

Dual-Source, Dual Energy and Low-Dose


Our Siemens Force CT is capable of ultra-lose dose imaging, designed with dual source and dual energy architecture. This means that we're capable of performing advanced techniques simply not possible on other CT scanners in Sydney, resulting in higher quality results and at a lower-dose than if the same scan had been performed elsewhere. We can perform scans at only 10% the radiation dose of other CT scanners in Sydney.

We are pioneers in some of the most technically difficult scans, such as the CT Angiogram.

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Our Siemens Force CT is designed with Dual Source and Dual Energy architecture. This provides us the raw power to perform the most technically difficult scans and the flexibility to adapt to all unique patient presentations.

With Dual Energy technology, we are able to non-invasively diagnose conditions such as Gout. This is not possible on other CT scanners.

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CT Gout Scan of the foot

Scans offered

Routine examinations include (but are not limited to):

- CT Coronary Angiography (CTCA)
- Head (Brain, Sinus, Facial Bone, TMJ, Dentascan/CBCT)
- Thorax (Chest/Lungs)
- Abdomen and Pelvis (including Dual Energy Kidney Stone Analysis for KUB, Cholangiogram)
- Angiogram (including Thoracic, Cerebral/Vertebral, Pulmonary/CTPA, Renal, Aorta/Aortogram, Abdominal, Upper and Lower Limbs)
- Colonography
- Dual Energy imaging (including non-invasive Gout and Kidney Stone scans)
- Interventional Procedures (Injections and Biopsies)